Getting a zoommtg link from a start_url or join_url

Our application provides a way for users to use the Zoom Desktop application over the one made from the Zoom Web SDK. This happens transparently, and in order to do that, we open the start_url link on a hidden browser and let it generate a zoommtg link for us.

However, we have an issue where the start_url redirects the users to the download page (or forces the user to download zoom first) despite having Zoom already installed on their machine – and this seems to be random. During these cases, the page does not generate a zoommtg link even after performing refreshes. We have to wait for some time (it could take up to 2 minutes) before the page decides to give us a zoommtg link, which is not ideal.

Is there a way for us to generate a zoommtg directly from a start_url link? Or is there a direct API we can use to retrieve a zoommtg link?

Hey @rroldan,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. We have unfortunately deprecated our Client URL Schemes when it comes to using them directly. Instead, you should use the start_url but we don’t have a method to skip the user interaction screen.

If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


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