Direct opening of zoom create meeting links on mobile possible?

On android I have the zoom app installed.

I create a meeting from the API and follow the start_url.

My hope is that this start_url we could launch straight into the app. I do see in my android system permissions that the zoom app has the ability to open other forms of links. Instead I get this intermediate landing page. Is there an easy modification that I can do to the start_url to allow it to be opened by the zoom app directly?

Hey @thand,

Take a look at this, you might be able to do it by prepending zoomus:// to the start url.

If this doesn’t work, maybe @Carson_Chen could help?


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Hi Tommy,

The way you are suggesting is the correct way to do it. :slight_smile:



Maybe I am missing something obvious or there is a special form for the url to specify meeting ID?

I am trying to provide a link for our users to click on that will launch and join the meeting in the app.

If the URL on that link is in the form: zoomus://
Then clicking on the link will open the zoom app directly and prompt for a meeting ID

If the URL is in the form (replace https with zoomus on the join_url): zoomus://
Then nothing will happen

Oh oh oh! Thank you.

For others, the proper form appears to be:


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Hi thand,

Glad to hear that it is working. If you need more info on the URL, you may refer to this blog:

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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Fantastic! Thank you

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Thanks Carson! :slight_smile: