LeaveCurrentMeeting UI stuck with loading indicator (intermittent issue)

We are facing an issue with the API to leave the current meeting (MeetingService-leaveCurrentMeeting).
The UI Stuck with a loading indicator. (Please refer the screenshot)

Android Client SDK version: Zoom Android SDK version: v5.5.1.1319

The issue arises intermittently while ending the meeting for first time after app launch.

Hi @rahulqb, thanks for using our SDK.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with the UI when leaving a meeting. In order to better assist, can you please provide the following information:

  • The make/model/Android version of the device
  • Whether or not you can reproduce this in the sample app
  • If this is seen while using the default UI or a custom UI



Thank you for your response.

  • We are using Android OS Version 9
  • We are able to reproduce the same on the sample app
  • We are using the default UI.

Hi @rahulqb,

Can you please provide the make/model of the device as well?

Also, since you are able to reproduce in the sample app, when you are able to reproduce this is it only happening when starting the meeting as host? If so, when leaving the meeting are you ending it or just leaving?


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