Licence Issue: It was Pro

Greetings Zoom,

We have Education (Pro) Plan, for users with

However, somehow all the users now have Basic Licences, do you happen to know what caused this change, and how it can be fixed?

I already opened a ticket with ZOOM.

We have over 11K users, we are not using API for licences.


Hey @nvanderson,

Not sure how this happened. I will direct this to the proper team as this forum is for questions about the Zoom App Marketplace and APIs. You should hear back from the ticket you submitted from

Apologies this happened,


I am still waiting for the response…also a question about API for you.

Can JWT be used for this call to update the licence?

I am getting 400 error with JWT.

If I must use OAuth, since I just need a licence updated.
What can I put for re-direct url for OAuth?

And last question: from Admin panel, can all users licences be updated, and not 1 by 1?

Hey @nvanderson,

Yes. Please provide the error message and your request url, headers, and body so I can help debug.

Yes, check the check box to select all users then bulk update them:


Thank you it helped us greatly…

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Happy to help!! :slight_smile: