Limiting abilities / features for particular meetings

This is just a general question:

It is possible during certain meetings to limit the ability to certain participants to prevent them to use certain features of Zoom that are normally available to them?

The idea for these special meetings is to exercise more control on guest activities during the meeting (I meant, to disable features that otherwise would be available to them).

If possible, I guess the way to do it is to overwrite / disable certain Zoom’s functions during that particular meeting by using API.


The Zoom Client makes available several controls for the host to manage for participants chat, screen sharing, and audio (to name a few).

The Create Meeting API settings object offers a handful of pre-meeting configurations, and only a couple of in-meeting experience configurations, such as participant_video (boolean) for disabling video.

If you want even further, granular, and programmatic control over the participant/host experience, you would need to implement one of the official Zoom SDKs.

Thank you!

So, for example, can I somehow overwrite certain functionalities of the standard Zoom application to prevent my invitees to do things they could normally do using the app?

If this is so, please direct me to the proper documentation

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Lautaro Barrera B

Hey @lautarob,

What certain functionalists are you trying to over-right?

Please provide more details so I can direct you to the respective documentation.


Thanks Tommy,

Generally, I would like to have as much control as possible on the attendee’s side during the meeting. For example, to prevent them to switch off audio or video or to prevent them to share screen. (I meant, to temporarily transfer these functions to my control).

Another example would be to control the ability to switch to the gallery view, so forcing the attendee’s screen to only see what the host is focused on.

I would like to know whatever is available (or can be easily implemented) to customize my meetings and make them more focused on the matter I am addressing and according to the rules that I will previously state.

Hey @lautarob,

You can control attendees settings programmatically via our SDKs.

For other participant controls see:


Thanks Tommy

Can you be a little more specific?

For example, if I need to over-right the ability of an attendee to switch off his/her video, how this can be achieved by using your SDK?

Does it require the attendee to use a different zoom client? We don’t want that, we want to temporarily over right certain features depending on the host will.

Where can I learn the specifics of the SDK usage?

Where can I see examples of certain functions being over right by SDK (any function)?


Hey @lautarob,

You can see the Web SDK function reference here:

For clarification, are you trying to use the Zoom Client (Mobile / Desktop App), or the SDKs?


Many thanks for your replies, Tommy.

What I intend to know, is whether it is possible for the host to control the Zoom Client (beyond what is already permitted). So, I am referring to the Zoom Client. What I want is to be able to overwrite certain functions on attendee Zoom client, of course, only temporarily while my meeting is taking place.



SDK seems to address specific apps that one might build around Zoom. That is not what I need.

Hey @lautarob,

For questions about the Zoom Client, please reach out to as this forum is for the Zoom Developer Platform.


THIs is super interesting!
I think these Original Poster’s queries are very relevant
I have to raise this issue of privacy.
When many people are in the meeting, one person can simply view the name of the other participants
This is also a privacy issue.
The total count of participants is also visible.

We need someway by which the host/admin can prevent this from happening!

Do we have such a feature already?

Host/admin must have the power to prevent one participant from viewing the names of other participants.
Ideally host/admin must be able to prevent the participant from wandering anywhere away from the main screen!

Hey @neelkoss,

You could use Zoom Webinars, which only allow the attendees to view the panelists and host. Attendees can’t see how many people, or who joined the webinar.


Whoa! I didn’t know but just looking it up on DDG!

That’s a super smooth response!

Just wondering why did it take so long for anyone to respond?

And Btw if I insist that I want this feature on not a webinar application but on something like zoom meeting or it’s various competitors!


I don’t mind paying!

Speaking of which
What’s the deal with zoom webinar? Free trial exists? And has it fully been rolled out worldwide? What about geographies viz India and nearby countries?

Hey @neelkoss,

We are experiencing a huge amount of inquiries and are doing our best to reply to everyone in a timely matter.

You can request a free trial here: Yes Zoom Webinars is available worldwide. :slight_smile: