Restricting user access to meetings

Hi Zoom Developers and Community,

We are planning to conduct online events during this time.
I wanted to know if there is a functionality to restrict which users are able to access meetings in Zoom.
Many of sessions we will be having are paid sessions, so we do not want anyone not registered for the event to join.

Is there a way to whitelist a list of users who would be allowed to join the meeting?
I know about the waiting rooms and whitelisting domains from which users can join, but in our case, the domains will the commons ones like Gmail etc.

Secondly is it possible to restrict access for the same account from multiple devices?
ie If someone tries to join a meeting via mobile, tablet, and laptop at the same time, I tested this and I am able to attend the meeting for all 3 simultaneously.


Hi @arhamschopra, there are two ways you can achieve this. Are you using registration for your meetings? Requiring registration for your meetings in the meeting settings will allow you to then generate a unique join_url for each meeting. Instead of requiring their domain to match, you could use enforce_login in meeting settings to require that a user log in with the email you have registered.

I need the same !
Especially the second part: Limit the active sessions of an user in the conference. We will do some paid conferences with few rooms and don’t want an user to share their account with others to access so there should be a way that if they access from another device automatically disconnect the other sessions.

Hey @jrausell,

Please see my post here:


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