Link meeting about diferent zoom meetings

hello zoom

We have 3 zoom meeting type products and this difficulty appears on the invitation link:

In 2 Meetings that we have, the link is generated as follows:

in the third Meeting generate the lin like this:

How can I solve this problem?
Any account settings?
any account update?

with these 2 Meetings that we have. We are using the link for the url schemas in zoom and it works without problems, but the other url (Third Meeting) cannot be used for the zoom schema since I have problems opening them directly in the mobile browser, in order to launch the mobile app of zoom

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. login in account zoom
  2. create a metting an vew meeting link
  3. Verify links all account and compared one account is different other accounts

Screenshots (If applicable)
third Meeting Account

these 2 Meetings Accounts

Additional context
“https://” if in this scheme the subdomain is configurable from some setting from the zoom account how can we do it?

Thank you for your attention and any feedback.

Hi @eliana.castro

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please confirm with me how did you create the third meeting?
All those meetings belong to the same account and were those meetings created following the same steps?

Thanks a lot

Yes, of course…

document step to step

these meetings belongs to the same account, each meeting belong a diferent account, and the others two accounts follows de same steeps to create meeting,

thanks i’ll be waiting any coment

Hello Elisa

I think the error was on our side, by omitting to test with this url that generates the accounts we have, since in past meetings we had this problem with an older version, and we have already updated it and we have no problems with the schema the urls

Thank you for your answer. Thanks for your interest.


Thank you for the update and we are glad to hear @elisa.zoom’s answer was helpful !

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