List all recordings - Error 400


I have a script that has been running for months, using the new server to server authentication.
All requests are recorded in a log file.

Yesterday the request was working and today it generates a 400 error even though (on my side) there has been no change.

I get the expected token to attach in the header
Here’s the request:
2023-07-17 22:00:22,311 INFO:HTTP Request: GET*existing_email*/recordings?trash_type=meeting_recordings&from=2023-06-17&to=2023-07-17&page_size=300
"HTTP/2 200 OK

2023-07-18 11:00:02,621 INFO:HTTP Request: GET*existing_email*/recordings?trash_type=meeting_recordings&from=2023-06-18&to=2023-07-18&page_size=300
“HTTP/2 400 Bad Request

Looking into the error a little further, the response is
status code 400 {"code":200, "message": "No permission."}

However, the application has the following scopes:
View all user recordings /recording:read:admin
View and manage all user recordings /recording:write:admin

Was there a change last night, a piece of information I forgot to process, or is there a issue on Zoom side ?

Thanks for your help

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You are not the only one who is experiencing this problem:

Definitely sounds like something happened yesterday on Zoom side.

Hi @EVant and @desautelsj
Thanks for reaching out to us and for bringing this to our attention. I am currently looking into this issue.
I am able to replicate this on my end, getting a No permission error when using the email of the user, but getting 200 when using the ID.
I will keep you updated

Hi @desautelsj and @EVant
We have identified and resolved this issue:

Thank you for your patience,

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