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List Ended Meeting Instances does not return ALL ended meeting instances. You may dig into 851 6738 6605 for reference (this is permission to access the account if necessary). The API returns 4 UUIDs for this meeting. None of these UUIDs match a start date/time for either of the 2 recordings, in fact we have no instance UUIDs from 5/5 when both of the recordings were made. We have instances from 5/4 and 5/7 though.

404 errors because there are no recordings for any of the instances returned.

Which version?
SDK 1.7.7, API v2

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Not Sure. I restarted this meeting today, waiting a few seconds, and ended it (explicitly).
Then I ran the API call a few times a minute or so later and no additional instances are returned.


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Additional context
Since List Meeting Recordings only returns the “latest instance” when you use the meeting ID in Long format, we were using the list ended meeting instances to get a list of instances and check the instances for the recordings since there does not appear to be a clean, succinct way to get all recordings for a meeting. We really need this to work or understand why zoom seems to not be tracking this as expected. Is there another way to get all the recordings for a meeting that we can use as a workaround?

The Get Meeting Recordings API says it gets all meeting recordings, but you don’t find out until you read the fine, muted, gray text describing the meeting ID of the caveat that you only get the recordings from the latest instance if you use the Long format and the recordings for a specific instance if you use the UUID, which is certainly not all recordings, which is an issue. Ideally the Meeting ID should return all recordings and allow specific instances to be retrieved with a UUID.

Hey @sales1,

This could be the case if the recordings have not completed processing yet.

Have you tried using the Recording Completed Webhook?


What does that have to do with ended meeting instances not updating? The meeting ID listed only returns 4 results from ended meeting instances. None of the results match any of the recordings, and there are at least 3 now. So if for whatever reason the webhook doesn’t catch a recording webhook where we can extract the meeting UUID and that meeting had more than 1 recording, well it’s completely orphaned and not accessible unless you go into zoom.

The issue here is Ended meeting instances not working as expected. None of the ended meeting instances start times/dates even match the recordings for the meeting.

Also, some of these recordings were from several days prior and had completed well before any of the testing described above.

Hey @sales1,

You can get the Meeting UUID from the Past Meeting Instances endpoint:

Please email these details and the affected meeting ID to so we can further assist.


This was sent, but we’re still waiting for a response on our PIP item you asked us to email about from over a week ago. Can you ensure these are not getting ignored because they were posted in the forum?

Hey @sales1,

What is the ticket number? I will check to see if it is being worked on.