How to get all recordings for a given meeting id


I’ve been using Zoom for my online education business. In version 1 of API - by passing the meeting ID - I used to get back all the recordings of that meeting as shown

Each of my meetings contains 10-20 recordings.

With version 2 - it returns only 3 recordings as shown


I can see 2 other options to retrieve the recordings:


But both options wont work for me because

  1. All recordings are under the same user and account id and I’ve been running this from years. So fetching all recordings even filtered by date will return many.

  2. I’m not sure if the date range is limited to 6 months or so - but again in my case - students might have attended the class in 2018 and would like to access those batch recordings.

Our help desk is swamped with complaints with students not being able to access the recordings.

How can I use this end point to fetch all the recordings for a given meet

Kindly help at the earliest.


Hey @omair,

With the V2 APIs you will have to call the List Ended Meeting Instances endpoint, passing in the meetingID, then for each meeting instance, call the Get Meeting Recordings endpoint passing in the meetingUUID.

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