Recurring meeting participants report

For recurring meetings, if different occurrences of a meeting have different participants, can I identify from the meeting participants report who attended what occurrence of the recurring meeting?

For example: Day one there were 5 participants in the meeting, day 2 other 5 participants, day 3 other set of participants, etc. Can I somehow request the API to only return participants from day 2?


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Hi @meetings_gutenbergce ,

Good question! Happy to clarify.

To that end, if you wish to retrieve participant information for a specific meeting, you can pass the UUID for that meeting occurrence in place of the Meeting ID for this endpoint:

If you need to retrieve the UUID for a past meeting, you can first call this endpoint using the Meeting ID:

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Will,

Thank you for the clarification, we will certainly use this approach.

Mike @ Gutenberg Certs

Great! Glad I could help @meetings_gutenbergce :slight_smile:

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