List upcoming meetings where I am not the host

I am using the users/me/meetings endpoint to get a listing of all my upcoming meetings. As others have mentioned previously, this list will only contain Zoom meetings for which I am the host. Any Zoom meetings that I have been invited to will not get returned. I was wondering why this is, especially in the case where the user has calendar integration enabled.

On the Zoom website, under Profile, I scroll to the bottom and enable calendar and contacts integration. Once doing so, my meetings start showing up in the Zoom desktop app and in the Zoom mobile app. This includes my meetings for which I’m the host, other Zoom meetings I’ve been invited to and even non-Zoom meetings that are on my calendar. It seems that if the desktop app and mobile app both have this desired functionality, the API should expose something similar. Maybe not by default, maybe there’s a additional parameter that needs to be passed in?


Before I submit this is as a feature request, I wanted to make sure this functionality does not already exist and I’m just missing something. Thanks!