Account With Master And Sub - List Users api/chatbot message questions

Had a couple questions regarding the following scenario.
For an account for which there is a master account and sub-accounts, and the zoom app (account-level app) is installed at the master account level:

  1. does the List Users ( api return the list of users across the master account and sub-accounts?

  2. the chatbot sendmessage ( api requires an account_id to be provided as a parameter. If the master AccountId is provided, can a chatbot send a message to a user in a sub-account?

Hi @wandrille
Thanks for reaching out to us!
If you have a master account and subaccount, you should be using the following endpoint:

You will note that in your request URL you will need to pass an account ID to get the users from the account, so this will be either the master account id or any of the sub account.

Thanks for the response.
That api requires a scope of ‘user:master’ which comes with its own requirements to even acquire.

Still hoping to get an answer to the scenario when an Account-level oauth app is installed in a Master Account, and then the api endpoint /users is hit, will this return only users in the master account, or also users in subaccounts. The only other similar forum post I could find on this was Master Account APIs vs. Account level APIs - API and Webhooks - Zoom Developer Forum, which from the answer points that yes hitting the /users api should return users across the master and subaccounts.

Of course @wandrille
Happy to help! I agree, according to that post, it looks like the answer is yes, but personally I do not have the proper testing environment so I am not 100% sure about this.
Allow me to ask internally and will come back to you with an update :slight_smile:

Hey Elisa, just checking to see if you were able to get an answer?

Hey @elisa.zoom , just checking to see if you had any updates?

Hi @wandrille
Sorry for the late reply!
So if you hit the get/users endpoint with the master account, it will only return users in the master account.

thanks for the response!

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