List webinars API call returns 0 results for account with an active webinar


We are a 3rd party app developer who has a client that is having an issue retrieving webinar data via your rest API.

The client has setup a test webinar on their account to pull details into our system:

webinar id : 848 6483 2898

The following API calls are made from our system on their behalf with the following results:

{ "code": 200, "message": "No permission." }{userId}/webinars

{ "page_size": 30, "total_records": 0, "next_page_token": "", "webinars": [] }

The above calls were made before the webinar date had expired.(I realize it has expired as per the timing of this post).

We have other clients that can pull in their webinar details through our system. Could you please shed any insight as to what may cause these API calls to return these results?

Hi @andrew.phiers
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Could you please share with me the name of your integration so I can take a closer look?

Hi @elisa.zoom

Sure thing, it’s CampaignBreeze.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi @andrew.phiers
I have sent you a private message with some additional steps
Make sure to follow up there please