List Zoom meetings for a Room

I’d like to be able to list all the meetings for a Room in order to:

  • Find the current ongoing meeting.
  • Instruct the Zoom Room to join that meeting programmatically.

Zoom Room API does not seem to support this:
Nor the Meetings API:

How could this be achieved?

Hi @zaid,

Currently, our API only lets you see the past meetings for a Zoom Room. However, this is a good use case for Zoom Rooms to see upcoming meetings, I’ll let our Engineers know about this so that we can have this feature in a future API release.

This sounds great. Thank you @michael_p.zoom!

When can we expect this to be released?

@zaid most likely in the coming months sometime Q1 2019. We’ll make an announcement when it’s ready for release.

Hello @michael_p.zoom , do you have any updates on this? I am also looking for the same exact use case. We are creating a proof of concept and this feature is extremely important for us. If you have a beta API for that, I would love to try it out.

Hello @michael_p.zoom, any updates on this? Thanks, Andre

Hi @andre.lopes,

Unfortunately, no updates at this time. We had to push back our API release until June of this year. We will let everyone know about our next release -


Thanks Michael, I am looking forward for the next release.


Any news on this one? We still haven’t found a way to see all scheduled meetings for a Zoom Room (like on the TV or Controller App)

Hey @simon2,

No new developments on this. Not sure if this helps, but with the List Zoom Rooms endpoint you can see the current status of a Zoom Room.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.58.44 PM

Stay updated here:


Thanks for your answer @tommy!

We can already get the current meeting via the users//meeting call, so that is not our concern.

However, it would be really great to be able to get the list of all meetings of a user (this is not a zoom rooms specific problem, but also occurs for other users) via API. Is there any timeline you might want to share on this one?


Hey @simon2,

Have you tried using our Get Users Meetings and the Get Users Meeting Reports endpoints?


@tommy Yes: I was referring to the “get users meeting” call in my previous post (users/id/meetings) but that does not return meetings where the user is not the host (and for rooms not even meetings with the room’s meeting id if the room was invited to that meeting). The “get users meeting reports” endpoint only returns past meetings, so it’s not useful at all for our purposes.

Hey @simon2,

This is currently not possible and we don’t have any plans at this time to develop an endpoint that returns external meetings you participated in.