LIT Integration: Zoom cloud recording naming convention

We had tested the Zoom LTI integration with our LMS Platform. We have enabled auto-cloud recording in our zoom settings and the class are auto-recorded. But when the recordings are downloaded/saved, I think it takes a default naming.

Screenshot 2020-10-03 at 11.46.16 AM

Current cloud recording of classes on taken directly on Zoom takes the naming convention as “GMT Date-time + Meeting Title + resolution” when downloaded

We need a way to store the recordings in a DateTime-Meeting name(from LMS) format. How do we do this during integration?

The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @santosh1,

To clarify, are you wishing to change the naming convention for the recordings once they’re downloaded from LTI Pro? While you won’t be able to change the default convention provided by the app, you might consider renaming these files locally.

You might find this thread helpful for that:

Let me know if this helps.


Hey Will,

Thanks for the comment. Will explore this.

Here is my problem statement:

  1. We are conducting our classes through LMS integrated with Zoom.
  2. We record all our classes on the Cloud and give playback links to students.
  3. Zoom cloud recording storage isn’t enough and we need to find a way to move to a cheaper alternative (S3 or something else) and integrate the playback links to our LMS

Question: What are the best ways to achieve this (from the technical perspective of moving zoom recordings from Zoom Cloud to third-party storage)? Is S3 a cost-effective solution for my business problem?

Hey @santosh1,

While I can’t speak to 3rd party solutions, I can say that I know other developers in the past have had luck using AWS/S3 for storage needs.

I should also note that our Enterprise plan provides Unlimited Cloud Storage.

I hope this helps,

Thanks @will.zoom explore this. Also, one other aspect is whenever a new schedule is created from our LMS, there are reflected on our Zoom accounts under reoccurring and not past meetings. Is this the expected behavior or we are missing something in our implementation?

Hey @santosh1,

In your LTI integration, are these meetings/classes that will have multiple occurrences? If so, it would be expected that they would appear as upcoming recurring meetings. But let me know if I’m misunderstanding anything!


Hey @will.zoom ! No they aren’t multiple occurring meetings. The class schedules are created every day.


Hey @santosh1,

Thanks for clarifying. That said, it does look like they’re occurring at multiple times each day, correct? (I see 9:30-10:30, 10:35-11:30, etc.)

It seems to me like your integration is equating ‘schedules’ to recurring meetings. To clarify, are ‘schedules’ intended to be real meetings, or no? If they’re not intended to be meetings, I think there is an issue with your integration, as each schedule currently appears to show up as an actual meeting in your screenshot.

Let me know if there are any other details you can share!


Hey @will.zoom - If you see they are Grade wise classes - Grade 1A, Grade 2A and they are current.

In our LMS we have created the schedule and as the teachers start a session, a record appears on my Zoom web UI.

There is another pertaining issue for us:

  1. When teachers start their classes some of them get
    a) The host has another meeting in progress - The teacher is not in any other meeting. Each teacher is allotted a fresh class and do not overlap and do not have any active meeting.

b) For some it says they are onto another meeting, End another meeting - the meeting is the first meeting of the day and they are not part of any other meeting.

What could potentially be wrong with our integration?

@tommy - Tagging Tom if you could have some insights.

@will.zoom - Additionally, this is the data from the zoom dashboard. All the classes started are tagged as Host for Santosh(owner of the account). I am the owner of our School account and all the teachers are licensed users.

Could it be the case something is wrong with our LTI integration? Ideally, the meetings should have the host as respective teachers? Please advise the right behaviour.

Hi @santosh1,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot—the reason you’re running into the “host has another meeting in progress” error is because you’re currently designated as the host for each of these meetings.

A host can only hold 1 meeting at a time. You will need to ensure that you’re designating the respective teachers to be the hosts of each of these meetings, to ensure you do not run into this issue.

Let me know if this helps to clarify why you’re running into this issue. Thanks!

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