API to retrieve course meetings & recordings

Currently we are using LTI to hook up with our LMS. The meetings & recordings a LMS user sees is on the course basis via LTI (all the meetings scheduled for that course). We would like to use Zoom API to get course meeting list and recording list so we can offer similar view on our mobile app for our students and would be able to create the link to launch the meeting in Zoom mobile app. (We don’t create accounts for students. When they access / join those meetings via LTI, I think they are treated as guests.) Is it feasible? If not currently, do you have the plan to develop the API on the course basis?

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We are currently working on your request and will respond to you soon


Hi @ariel.chen,

Thank you for your interest in Zoom.

At this time, we do not support API calls on course basis. That being said, I will forward this request to the concerned team, so that they can have this feature in the future.

I will update this thread once this feature is available.


Any update here? It it still the case that there is no programmatic way to access or update meetings on a per-course basis? Thanks!

Hey @jcalz, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

When you say on a per-course basis, can you explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish?

We do have API endpoints for Getting and Updating meeting info.


We’re looking into the LTI integration between our LMSes and Zoom. (LTI Pro app I think) This integration lets you schedule meetings for a course in the LMS, hosted by the course instructor and attended by students. When you look in the LMS, it displays the Zoom meetings for the course. These meetings will also show up in people’s Zoom account outside the LMS.

We’d like to be able to automate the creation and management of course meetings. I can see in the UI for the LTI integration that it uses an API like https://applications.zoom.us/api/v1/lti/rich but that API does not seem to be documented. Could we use this or a similar API to access course meetings programmatically?

Asked another way: If we have a course in our LMS, and create a meeting through the LTI Pro tool, what method if any is there to use an API to find this meeting and distinguish it from other meetings from other courses or from outside the LTI integration? How can we use an API to create a meeting as if it had been created through the LTI Pro tool for a particular course?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @jcalz,

This endpoint is not public and not for use by 3rd party developers.

I will find out if there is any public API to create / manage / view meetings in the LTI Pro app. (ZOOM-144471)


Hey @jcalz,

Following up, unfortunately the LTI Pro integration does not have any public endpoints for automation purposes.

Sorry for the inconvenience,