Live Contact Center Data

Is there an endpoint in the contact center API to get real time queue stats such as current waiting calls and longest live waiting duration? I am able to successfully get stats such as average and longest waiting/talking time, inbound calls, completed calls etc… through the reports endpoint. But I have not seen any way to get the real time stats mentioned above. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @gmoore-tgo
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
I believe we do not have an endpoint that can provide you with the real time queue stats
Have you looked into the List queue agents endpoint?

This endpoint will return you the agents_availability status:

Hope this helps,

Will there ever be an API call similar to say a Cisco UCCX Wallboard stat - RtCSQsSummary. This was a simple table that displays the Current Queue, Longest Wait Time, Agents Available, etc. Most Wallboards/Scoreboards relay on the Total Call Queue and Agents Available to manage their call center. We can get Agent Availability - but just not how many customers are currently in the queue.

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