Live minute count


Hi, I know that Zoom reports show participants in a meeting and the minutes each participant was in the meeting. However, is there an API function or other way for an SDK-based app to a get a _running_ minute count of each participant _during_ a meeting, not a total minute count after the meeting? If not, could this functionality be added for SDK clients? Thanks.


Hi Bert, 

Our APIs only before and after meeting functionality, our SDKs have in meeting functionalities for running minute count. Which SDK are you using? 



Thanks Michael. That’s great. We’re using the Windows and Mac SDKs. Could you please tell us how to access the live minute count in each SDK? Does the feature break down the live minute count by participant?


Hi Michael, just following up to see if you could send more information about how to access live minute count in the Windows and Mac SDKs. Thanks.


Hi Bert, 

I reached out to our SDK Engineers and they have stated that we currently do not support live meeting count for Windows or Mac. 



Thanks Michael. Just for clarity’s sake, your first reply two weeks ago was inaccurate, right?


Hi Bert, 

I apologize for the misinterpretation. Our SDKs support in meeting functionalities and we have not released Live meeting Count as of yet.