API call to get meeting participants info including joined/leave time

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Hi, I need to get information from the API that has participants’ information that includes when they joined/left and the duration they were in the meeting (or I can calculate that).

On the website - Account Management - Reports - Usage Reports - Active Hosts, I can see my meeting and get a list of participants by clicking on the Participants number. From the top 3 lines of the file:

Name (Original Name),User Email,Join Time,Leave Time,Duration (Minutes),Guest,Recording Consent
Edwin,01/02/2022 08:59:40 AM,01/02/2022 12:17:37 PM,198,Yes,Y
Ronald Adams,01/02/2022 09:02:31 AM,01/02/2022 09:08:12 AM,6,Yes


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
I have looked at /v2/past_meetings/{meetingid}/participants
But I need this information for each occurrence of the meeting.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

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Additional context

Thank you

Hi @ahavatammi

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I understand that you are trying to get the time/duration of participants in certain meetings.

You can user our Dashboard endpoints to get more specific information about participants.
I would suggest you to call List meeting participants - Dashboards

Make sure to query this endpoint with the meeting UUID to get specific information of the meeting you are looking for

Hi @elisa.zoom,

Thank you for your help.

From what I can tell, we have a pro account. That api is returning

“message”: “This API is only available for Business or higher accounts that have enabled the Dashboard feature.”

Is there a way to do this with pro account?

Hi @ahavatammi
Thanks for the details. Unfortunately the prerequisites for accessing this endpoint is having a Buissines or a higher plan

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 5.38.33 PM
Hope this helps

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