Live Streaming Started and Live Streaming Stopped Webhooks

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We are trying to test the new webhook events outlined in this thread. We saw from another thread that meeting.live_streaming_stopped will only fire if the live stream is stopped via the API. But when testing for the meeting.live_streaming_started event, we noticed an odd behavior.

When we tested with our non-published test app (which has the same scope and event type subscription as the published app), we saw the meeting.live_streaming_started event come through. But when we ran the same test through our published app, the events never showed up.

Does the app need to be republished after adding events to the subscription? A support ticket with Zoom indicated that that was not the case - only if the scopes changed would we need to republished. I’m at a loss as to why there is a different in behavior.

Hi @dhyun,

To clarify, if you’ve added event subscriptions to an already published app, you will need to request an update to the app in order for those events to come through on production. You can follow these steps to update your app based on the new events:


Thanks Will. It seems that the technical support had given me misleading information. I’ll check out the link for the update!

Thanks, @dhyun, and apologies for any crossed wires from our Support team!

@will.zoom I do have one follow-up question:

Are the Zoom apps versioned? That is, when I get the new app published with the new events, I will need to ask the users to update their application. Some will, and some probably won’t. I’m assuming that there is then at least two versions of the app such that those who do not update will have one version and those that do have another?

That leads to the next question: How many versions of these apps can you have? As we make changes and publish new versions, will the customer at some point be forced to upgrade?


Hey @dhyun,

Great question—yes, Apps are versioned. When you submit an update to your published app, current subscribers will receive a notification that their app is available for an upgrade to the latest version. But you’re correct, they will not be forced to upgrade.

I do not believe that customers will be forced to upgrade at any point, but they will be notified each time a new version is available based on your latest updates.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

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