Local Recording keeps a Remnant if the user is in the waiting room

If the user goes to the waiting room, grid view mode recording keeps a remnant of that user. Instead of the showing only the users inside of the room.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Have a meeting with 2 or more people
  2. Local Starting Recording in the grid view
  3. Stop Record
  4. Put one user in the waiting room
  5. Start Recording in the grid view
  6. Stop Recording

The recording has a “remnant”, the user that should not be there in the recording.

  • Device Spec: Mac
  • OS: MacOS

Hi @john.vidal, thanks for the post.

Can you confirm that you are experiencing this issue with the Zoom SDK only and not the Zoom client?


Hi @jon.lieblich, thank you for the reply, we’re experiencing this issue with ZoomSDK on MacOS,


Hi @MaxH,

Apologies, my last post wasn’t very clear. Since you have already confirmed that this happens with the SDK, can you please also verify whether or not you are able to reproduce this in the Zoom client as well?

Additionally, if you are able to provide screenshots or a screen recording of this behavior, that would be very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


hey @jon.lieblich Zoom client seems to be fine. My team could not replicate the issue in the native client.

Our application that uses the MacOs SDK is able to reproduce this issue, however it’s proprietary, so we would need a support ticket to share that with you. As well as the code base, which you won’t be able to see it.

Regardless, it is possible to try replicate this problem in a separate project. So if we, or you guys can do it that would be great. In this way a fix for it in the next macos version would be much appreciated. @MaxH I’m open to any suggestions that can help with this matter, let me know if that something you could do it

Thank you,