Entering Breakout Room Stops Screen Recording

Unlike normal Zoom, in a Zoom SDK macOS app entering a breakout room (silently) stops an in-progress screen recording. I say silently because the onRecordStatus delegate method is never called to indicate that the recording was stopped. But attempting to pause or stop the recording after entering a breakout room results in an error that the recording is stopped.

Which macOS Zoom SDK version?
5.2.1 (42037.1112)

To Reproduce

  1. Start a screen recording
  2. Enter a breakout room
  3. Attempt to pause or stop the screen recording - it will error indicating that the recording is no longer active

Device (please complete the following information):

  • OS: macOS Big Sur 11.2.3

Hi @stalefishlabs, thanks for the post.

This is expected behavior and, as far as I can tell, aligns with the behavior on the most recent version of the macOS client.

When you join a breakout room, it acts as a distinct meeting instance. As a result, your share video which was being transmitted to the original “main” meeting instance is no longer valid. When you leave the main meeting for a breakout room, the state of many things are not carried over.


Hey Jon, thanks for the reply. I just tested in the latest Zoom app v5.6.0 (536) and screen recording continues during the breakout room. Meaning if I start a recording, enter a breakout room, and then exit the breakout room and stop the recording, that entire session is recorded seamlessly.

That is different behavior than I’m seeing in the SDK where the recording is automatically ended upon entering a breakout room (with no screen recording state delegate call). So I’m trying to determine if that discrepancy between the Zoom app and the SDK is expected. Thanks.

Hi @stalefishlabs,

Can you please clarify whether you are referring to the screen share or meeting recording feature?


This is only pertaining to meeting recording feature, thanks.

Hi @stalefishlabs,

Thanks for clarifying and apologies for the misunderstanding. I am also seeing the same behavior on meeting recordings between the client and the latest version of the SDK. Can you please try updating to the latest SDK version and letting me know if you are still seeing that behavior?

Also, if you are still seeing inconsistent behavior after updating, can you please clarify whether you are using the default UI or custom UI?


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