Locking a Meeting


What would be the best approach to avoid 2 joining participants in a 1-on-1 Meeting?

The idea is, that person A is going to create a meeting and wait for someone joining in. Person B clicks the corresponding invitation link shown on our website and will be connected to A. What if B leaves his Browser Tab open, then returns after some time and meanwhile someone else has joined to A’s Meeting. We need to prevent multiple B’s from joining to A’s Meeting :slight_smile:

Is there a certain field on the meeting resource provided for this purpose or how are we supposed to deal with that?

Thanks for support!




Here is one approach you could try:

  1. When you schedule a meeting, within the “Meeting Options”, please check the “Require Meeting Password” and “Enable Waiting Room” options, as shown in the screenshot.

  2. You would be required to share the password with any of your users who would be joining the meeting.

  3. If there are any users whom you dont want to be participating in the meeting, before they join the meeting, you can see them in the “waiting room”, and decide whether you want them in the meeting or not.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.




Hi ojus,

as much as I appreciate your helpful thoughts, it does not fit to what we intend to build. Unfortunately we can’t expect users to do anything else than clicking a link in order to participate a meeting. That’s why I was wondering if there’s a programmatic way to consider a meeting as “occupied” or “available” somehow to avoid the scenario mentioned above. To be correct, there will be several A’s who would open Meetings and wait for any B to join in (maybe similar to a hotline or helpdesk chat). We intend to provide a dynamically generated invitation link to any “available” Meeting. This link will be expired once another user has joined to this meeting.

So we’re stuck with the question of how to determine the availability of meetings.

If you have another thought on that, please let me know.