Multiple users entry with one url in meeting

How can I stop multiple users entry in meeting with same url.

As I read the documentation-
I Created a meeting and add attendees as registrants. But Anyone can join that meeting if attendee pass the url to someone else.

Please tell me how can i resolve this issue?

Hi Rohit,

There’s no sure way to stop someone from passing the url to someone else. However, if the attendee joins a meeting, you can prevent them passing the url again so that no one else is able to join the meeting.

1 - Use the participant join/leaves webhook, to get notified when the registrant joins a meeting [1].
2 - Once the participant leaves the meeting, you can use the update meeting registration status API to update the registrant status to ‘deny’ so that they’re no longer able to use the join url link[2].


Let us know if this helps.

Hey @rohit,

You can also enable a meeting password, or only allow signed in users to join the meeting.