Logic to display same meeting id that appear in zoom UI

When i create meeting via api, int id (e.g. 75346105460) is received with meeting object, i want to display the meeting id same as that is being displayed on zoom UI (e.g. 753-4610-5460).

if the length of id recieved is fixed it can be easily splitted and displayed, but have to display pmi sometimes which is not of same length, so i think length of id may vary, so what logic zoom frontend is using to display meeting id ?

@vinaysudani9, in my experience the Zoom UI uses the following logic to display these Meeting IDs.

9 digit: 000-000-000
10 digit: 000-000-0000
11 digit: 000-0000-0000

It is most likely that you will return 11-digit IDs for newly created meetings.

Note, there is no influence in the use of these meeting IDs, and the Zoom UI display may be subject to change for any reason.

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