Login attempt failed! Reason: Failed due to unknown reason

Getting below error while authenticating user using ionic sdk’s login method.
result":false,"message":"Login attempt failed! Reason: Failed due to unknown reason

2FA - Enabled

Authentication type - JWT

Which version?
ionic-native/zoom: ^5.26.0
cordova.plugin.zoom: ^4.6.2166-6.603

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create an ionic project.
  2. Install zoom’s npm and Cordova package
  3. Add JWT authentication method
  4. Sign in using login method(Library method) from zoom service.
  5. Check the error thrown from the login method

Method used -

this.zoomService.login(userName, password)
  .then((success: any) => console.log(success))
  .catch((error: any) => console.log(error));

Smartphone :

  • Moto G6

Additional context
If 2FA is disabled, then login works as expected.

Hey @krishnasahudev

Thanks for using the dev forum!

What 2FA did you use?


Hey @Michael_Condon

I have used SMS as 2FA

Hey @krishnasahudev

I don’t think the 2FA should impact the SDK’s behavior directly since it is not a part of the SDK. Is it possible the 2FA is not working correctly?


I do not know about this @Michael_Condon.
And there is not documentation on zoom ionic sdk page to incorporate 2FA authentication type in the app.

Is it reproducible on your end as well?

I need some resolution for the users who have enabled 2FA.
Let me know what i can do to enable 2FA verification in ionic app.

Any updates on this?