Long Description character count


I have just developed an integration with Zoom and while filling out the requested information to submit the app, I noticed that the ‘Information’ section has a weird thing going on. The Long Description section seems to overcount the characters.

When I insert the text and format it, certain formatting adds lots of characters. For example, a line break counts as 11 characters. Headings, bold text and links are counted as extra too.

It looks like that the character count of the HTML counts instead of the visible content’s character number. Have you come across this before?


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Hi @richard.hills,

I was not able to reproduce it. I tested this at my end. I entered a paragraph with around 430 characters. Then, I used the formatting options provided in long description like Numbering, bold, italics, various text sizes, etc, after checking here: https://www.lettercount.com/, the character count still remained the same.

If you are copying and pasting the description from elsewhere I would recommend adding it as a plain text and then using the formatting options later.

Let me know if this helps.


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