LTI Pro - 'Alternative Host' Issue


We have recently installed the LTI Pro plugin and have begun creating activities and meetings in Moodle courses.

The LTI Pro setting ‘Auto Populate Alternative Host’ is currently ‘on’. According to the description of the setting this should cause Zoom to “Automatically populate the Instructors of a course as alternative host when create a new meeting”.


When new meetings are created it would appear that Zoom is instead referring to the Instructors that were on the course when the LTI activity was originally added. Subsequent enrolments/un-enrolments of Instructors seem to be ignored when determining alternative hosts for the new meeting.

Which App?


How To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Set the LTI Pro plugin setting ‘Auto Populate Alternative Host’ to ‘on’.
  2. Enroll a co-teacher on a course.
  3. Add an LTI Pro activity to the course.
  4. Schedule a new meeting.
  5. Scroll to the alternative hosts field, the co-teacher will appear.
  6. Un-enroll the co-teacher from the course.
  7. Schedule a new meeting.
  8. Scroll to the alternative hosts field, the co-teacher still appears.

Hi @peter.w,

Thanks for raising this with us and for laying out the details to reproduce. Is it possible to provide the meeting ID and user IDs of both the alternative host and original host where you’re seeing this? Our team will be happy to take a closer look at this.


Hi @will.zoom

Thank you. Details are:

Hey @peter.w,

Thanks for the additional info. We are looking into this issue and will get back to you with an update. (ZOOM-200345)


Hey @peter.w,

The user can be an alternative hosts if they are an instructor and a Licensed/On-Prem user.

How to auto as a alternative hosts for a meeting if enable ‘Auto Populate Alternative Host’?

  1. The user should already be alternative hosts when creating a meeting:

  2. A new instructor will auto be an alternative host for all upcoming meetings in this course when accessing LTI Pro.

    Please refresh the page if the instructor can’t start the upcoming meetings.

How to remove a user from the alternative hosts?

To auto remove the user from the alternative hosts, set them to a basic user. This is currently the only way to do remove them as an alternative hose, but we are enhancing the manage / remove flow for alternative hosts (ZOOM-183733)

Let me know if that answers your questions! :slight_smile:


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Hey @peter.w,

We will be releasing the enhancement flow to manage / remove alternative host later this month. :slight_smile: