LTI Pro: Alternative hosts not populating automatically

Ever since the December 2020 update to the LTI Pro app which made changes to the alternative hosts process, it seems that alternative hosts are not being automatically added to meetings in the LTI Pro Blackboard tool.

A user with the Blackboard role of Teaching Assistant is not automatically added as an Alternative Host in the course’s LTI Pro meetings.

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Schedule a meeting using the API.
  2. Import that meeting ID into the LTI Pro tool in a Blackboard course.
  3. From the LTI Pro -> Manage -> Configure section, ensure that the proper Blackboard course roles appear in the “Roles for Alternative Hosts” section.
  4. Users with those roles are not automatically added as alternative hosts to the imported meetings.

Additional context
From the LTI Pro -> Manage -> Configure section, the similar field “Identify LTI User as an instructor” (which used to be used to identify alternative hosts prior to the December 2020 LTI Pro update) still functions to allow users with roles defined there to import meeting IDs where other roles cannot.
However, the new section “Roles for Alternative Hosts” does not appear to work in our Blackboard courses to automatically add alternative hosts.

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Some more information related to this: if the meeting is created within the LTI Pro tool, it seems to populate the alternative hosts fine most of the time. But if a meeting is imported into the LTI Pro tool, then a new TA is added to the course, that TA does not get added as an alternative host.

Hey @AVJeff ,

Thanks for reporting this, we will take a look! :slight_smile: (ZOOM-235143)



Not sure if you were able to reproduce this, but this problem may only occur for custom LMS roles. For example, in the LTI Pro → Manage → Configure section, we added a custom role of Teaching Support in addition to the regular roles of Instructor and Teaching Assistant.
Instructors seem to be automatically added, but the Teaching Support users are not.
Again, not sure if that’s helpful or not, but it would be great if all user roles listed in the LTI Pro configuration were added as alternative hosts.
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Hey @AVJeff ,

Thanks for the additional details! :slight_smile:

I will pass this along to our engineers.


Hey @AVJeff ,

We are having a hard time reproducing the issue. Can you please provide a video recording of the issue?


Hi @tommy,
E-mail sent to developersupport with link to the video showing the issue.
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Thank you @AVJeff ! :slight_smile:


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