LTI Pro app. Use same meeting in more than one course in canvas

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We’re using LTI Pro app with Canvas. This is a common use case for us: teacher wants a zoom meeting to be available in two canvas courses.

Describe the solution you’d like
There should be an option to use/import a zoom meeting in more than one course using the LTI Pro app

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Use the LTI Pro app for most meetings. For meetings common to more than one course we instruct teachers to schedule meeting in zoom client and then paste link in course info.

Additional context
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We have Zoom integrated via LTI with Sakai, and would like this feature as well.

I imagine the meeting is stamped with metadata showing the association with course sites; if there were a UI in the LTI app that could allow a user to associate by meeting ID, that might work.

We have Zoom integrated via LTI with Brightspace (D2L). The ability to share meeting to more than one course would be really useful as we have a number of cases where a session is taught to more than one course at once.

Same. We need the ability to use the import feature in the Zoom LTI Pro app to important one meeting into multiple courses. For now, we can only utilize Zoom Pro in one course and have to paste meeting information in Canvas to the other courses.

“This meeting is already associated with another course and can not be imported into this course (2251).”