LTI Pro Won't Import Meetings to More Than One Course at a Time

We installed LTI pro for our Brightspace instance and found that when we try to import a meeting to more than one course at a time we are unable to do so. We really would like to be able to import a meeting and recording to more than one course at a time. For example, our faculty have one meeting link for their office hours which serve all their students in multiple courses. So not being able to import the office hours meeting to all those courses means they need to put the office hours link somewhere else in the course rather than the LTI Pro dashboard which renders the benefit of having all Zoom links in one place for class null.

This meeting is already associated with another course and can not be imported into this course (2251).

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App
  2. Set up Brightspace with app details as directions state
  3. Go in a Brightspace course and import a meeting by Zoom meeting ID
  4. Go in another course and try to import the same meeting
  5. Get the error message above.

Additional context
We wanted the LTI Pro to be the one place in every course students could go to access Zoom meetings and recordings, but not being able to import one meeting or recording to more than one course makes this impossible which means the app isn’t as useful as we were thinking it would be.

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