Restrict meeting access in Canvas LMS: access to Zoom sessions of the course only to students enrolled in the same course in Canvas

At my university, we need to restrict student access to Zoom sessions created only in the Canvas LMS courses they are enrolled in (waiting room is not a way for us).
When the session is created, using LTI PRO, there is a bind between the Canvas course and the Zoom session: lti_context_id, meeting id, tracking fields, etc. Is there a way to make this possible, that only the user enrolled in a course can access to its meetings?



Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. Can you share the workflow you are using to create meetings with LTI PRO? Here is LTI Pro integration documents for reference :

LTI Pro Integrations

Creating and associating meetings with the LTI Pro API

Bulk importing meetings via LTI Pro API

We are using the second one:

# Creating and associating meetings with the LTI Pro API



It looks like the LTI Pro enhancements leverage LTI Advantage services to provide that functionality.

To learn more, see FAQ:


Let me take a look and I’ll come back with my comments. Thanks!!



Currently, is it possible to use LTI Advantage in Zoom Canvas (LTI PRO) ? or, do we have to wait for a while?

We found some information about Advantage:

Thanks in advance!


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