LTI Pro - Canvas LMS - Calendar notifications not working


I have integrated the LTI Pro app, like the way its mentioned in the documentation using LTI 1.1,
The LTI launch Is working and I can able to create the meetings.

But the calendar notifications for the meetings is not getting created (I have added the developer keys and secrets in the ThirdParty Integration page also),

And every time before launch the LTI its asking to Authorise the APP again and again

I have added the issue with a video, kindly refer this also, Screen Recording 2021-04-21 at 4.45.03 - Google Drive

Hi @samuels410 did you add the required api calls in the scopes section?

Hi @whiskey ,

Yes, Its already there by default and I can verify those scopes are there.
Please check the attached the screenshots.
In our Canvas LMS also I have enforced the scopes in Developer Keys.

Hi @samuels410,

I believe your issue may be related to the settings mentioned in this Canvas LMS community forum—can you please reference this and see if this helps?


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