LTI Pro hides Schedule Tracking Fields

We have integrated Canvas to Zoom using LTI Pro with some Scheduling Tracking Fields passed via LTI (like the lis_course_offering_sourcedid) and that works great. However, one of the fields we wanted to enable is a toggle to allow the user to select whether they want the Zoom cloud recording imported into a third party video management system. If you schedule an event in the web interface, you can see and toggle the Scheduling Tracking Fields very easily. Same thing if you use the Zoom PC app directly to schedule. Even the Outlook integration will show the Scheduling Tracking Fields under the “Advanced Options”…

HOWEVER you cannot show the Scheduling Tracking Fields and controls in LTI Pro scheduler. You can pass entries over LTI to become scheduling tracking fields values, but you cannot allow the end user to see or manipulate those fields. If you want them to manipulate this data, this then requires the user to create the schedule in the LMS view from LTI Pro, then leave the LMS to toggle those settings in one of the other interfaces for the scheduled meeting (web, Zoom PC app, etc). Definitely not ideal.

There certainly are use cases where you would want to pass LTI data to a Zoom schedule tracking field without showing that to the user, but you can already control that with the “visibility” option on the scheduling tracking field. The most consistent option would would be to have the LTI Pro schedule UI show any visible tracking fields to get the UI to match the other scheduling tools (web, Zoom PC app, Outlook integration, etc). In testing “hidden” schedule tracking fields can already accept LTI Pro data into a schedule tracking field, so users that desire the current “hidden” aspect of the LTI Pro configuration could still reproduce it by changing the scheduling tracking fields visibility without disrupting their existing workflows.

And a side note that is somewhat related: Schedule Tracking Field with “Recommended Values” breaks the ability to receive LTI Pro data. If you use recommended values then you can NOT pass LTI Pro data into the scheduling tracking fields, whether or not it matches a recommended value. Recommended values are great to simplify options and guide users, but it shouldn’t come at the detriment to other features. I would think allowing the LTI Pro to paste in any value that is mapped would be preferable, similar to how you can ignore the recommended values and type in whatever you want in the standard scheduling tools.

-Paul Baumgaertner

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Hey @paulb,

Have you considered using the Zoom API to handle the tracking field logic?

Checkout this thread and let me know if it helps:


Hi Tommy, thanks for the response.

In this case that doesn’t help. We are trying to give the user an easy way to generate their own schedules and to decide for themselves whether something should happen to their recording. So there is no way to know that without asking them, and the most appropriate place to ask them is when they are scheduling the meeting. A scheduling tracking field gives an easy way to schedule in advance what you want the system to do with a recording once it’s available in the Zoom cloud. We can hardcode a value to always populate the field with “Yes” or whatever value we might want, but that would remove agency to make a choice for all LTI Pro users.

The only alternative now is to require the user to decide after they schedule the meeting what they want to do, and know they have to change those settings in a different UI since there is no visibility of scheduling tracking fields in LTI Pro. That’s definitely a low visibility workflow with very limited chance that users would follow through.

It seems like for the varied ways that Scheduling Tracking fields could be useful, you would want to give optional visibility to see and change those fields in all scheduling UIs for feature parity. While they make it into most places, LTI Pro is one of the few places that it is lacking.

Here’s a screenshot that compares the 5 UIs I had ready access to schedule a meeting. They are very consistent in features across the board, but while Outlook Plugin, website, and Windows PC App all will show the schedule tracking fields to be visible and usable, it does not appear in the LTI Pro site or on the iOS app. Of course the iPhone is a special case for minimalism and likely not as common of a place to pre-schedule meetings, but LTI Pro seems like an integration that could definitely use feature parity in this case.

Sorry about the massive image. Hopefully it’s expandable.

Hey @paulb,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. (ZOOM-198970)

I have added this as a feature request in our backlog. This will require a good amount of updates across the platform, so it won’t happen over night. I will keep you updated on a timeline once we map out the scope of this feature request.


Thanks Tommy. This certainly could open some more doors to additional integrations through LTI, so it would be a great feature to add consistency.


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Hey @paulb,

You are welcome! :slight_smile: I will keep you updated on its development.


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