LTI Pro with Moodle

We are using LTI Pro App on Moodle. It works well so far, but we have encountered a problem.
We created meeting on Zoom website, then we imported the meetings to Moodle.
Teachers start their meetings by clicking the ‘Start’ button and students join them by clicking ‘Join’ button.

‘Join’ button was missing for students and they found the ongoing meeting in ‘Previous Meetings’ tab rather than ‘Upcoming Meetings’ tab. And students were unable to join the meeting.

Which App?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Install App and setup LTI tool on Moodle
  2. Create Meeting
  3. Import Meeting to Moodle
  4. Teachers start the meeting, then student account user open the tool

Hey @manabua,

Can you share a screenshot of the missing button?


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for your reply. Please see the below screenshot.

The running meeting was found in “Previous Meetings” tab for some reason. And students were not able to join it because the ‘Join’ button was not shown.

Hey @manabua,

I see the start time was 8:12 when the scheduled time says 8. Maybe the meeting was started late and that was the issue?

The join button won’t show up on the previous meetings tab. Can you send me a screenshot of the Upcoming Meetings tab?