macOS having difficulty with MuteAll and LowerAllHands

Once the app has been given hosting privileges. You can tell all to mute and that works. However, later on if you need to mute all again, it appears to have some type of cool down. Or, it maybe is working just intermittently. I am getting a ZoomError of Success every time this is called. LowerAllHands gives Success, but never works.

Which macOS Video SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: MacBook Pro ProM1
  • OS: macOS Monterey
  • Custom UI

Additional context
The code snippets:

Mute all:

let actionCtl = ZoomSDK.shared().getMeetingService().getMeetingActionController()
let result = actionCtl?.actionMeeting(with: ActionMeetingCmd_MuteAll, userID: (myUserID), on: ScreenType_First)

Hands Down:

let actionCtl = ZoomSDK.shared().getMeetingService().getMeetingActionController()
let result = actionCtl?.actionMeeting(with: ActionMeetingCmd_LowerAllHands, userID: (myUserID), on: ScreenType_First)

Hi @vasoundman,

We are aware of an issue where the muteAllAttendeeAudio method only works on the first time it is invoked. It sounds like it may be a shared issue for the lowerAllHands method as well. We’ll investigate whether or not these issues are related and keep you updated as soon as we have any additional information.


Awesome!!! Thanks for the confirmation that I was not going crazy. Your team is doing a good job. Keep it up.

You are very welcome! Hopefully we will have an update for you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @vasoundman,

Can you please try updating to the latest version and see if you are still able to reproduce?


Hello there Jon,

We updated and this is what we found.

Hands Up/Down
All Hands Down does work 100% it appears. However the func onLowOrRaiseHandStatusChange() does not get called. If someone lowers/raises hand manually this function is called. But lowering all hands does not give you an alert that hands did lower.

Mute All
Same as before. I only was able to get the mute all button to work once.

Hi @vasoundman,

Thanks for confirming that lowering hands works correctly. We’ll keep you updated as we investigate the mute all issue.


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