Mac SDK,spotlightvideo and ActionMeetingCmd_MuteAll

Hi zoom:
there are some quetions:
1、when i use actionMeetingWithCmd: ActionMeetingCmd_MuteAll userID:(unsigned int)userID onScreen:(ScreenType)screen
what the userID i should pass
2、when i join a meeting,how should i know if there is a SpotlightVideo?

  1. ActionMeetingCmd_MuteAll is only available for host/cohost, the userID you can send is 0.
  2. User will be notified from callback delegate ‘- (void)onSpotlightVideoUserChange:(BOOL)spotlight User:(unsigned int)userID’ in ZoomSDKMeetingActionController.h

for question 1:
this command sometimes only mute one user,not all

We cannot reproduce this in our demo, which SDK version are you using, please provide us the log for this issue.