Maintain same meetingId/uuid for personal meetings(type 4)

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
unable to track the personal meeting(type -4) with webhook events.
eg: For personal meetings, the create and update events have uuid and meetingId different from rest of the events(start, end, share and other). If personal meetingId is sent as meetingId in events from “started” webhook onwards and also different UUID, It is difficult to track for each personal meeting from created to ended events

Describe the solution you’d like
for Personal meetings(type4), since you are sending personal meetingId, send the unique meetingId created for started event as secondaryId for rest of the events (OR) maintain same UUId from created to till deleted events you send (will be very helpful to track the events for each personal meeting since you send same title for all personal meetings).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We haven’t found clear alternative, for type-4 meetings we are tracking based time it is created. but it the user updates something then again we would loose track.

Additional context

If you look at the image, you will know, how difficult it is track personal meetings(type-4) since you are changing the unique Ids itself over the events being sent.