Major Zoom + GCal sync problems / recent behavior change?

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Our engineering team now has a blacklist they can add your account to in order to prevent this syncing behavior with the calendar beta.

However, it’s my understanding that this wouldn’t fix issues for the accounts that have your app installed. I’m working with them to find a solution that works with our developer platform.

However, if you would like to be added to this list please let me know and I will DM you and provide the team with your account data.

Thank you for the update. Ideally Zoom would simply not try to apply calendar recurrence (or lack there of) logic to a Zoom event specifically marked as “recurring no fixed time”. That concept (“recurring no fixed time”) is quite literally incompatible with any calendaring standard, so attempts to mutate or synchronize those concepts are destined to fail.

That said: I’d gladly take a blacklist that refused to mutate events created by our app and applied to all accounts :slight_smile:

@patrick_reclaim It looks like this happens because with the new calendar beta the client will sync calendar data regardless of if bi-directonal syncing is enabled.

We have a ticket created by our engineering team to create an account setting to disable this behavior. I’m working to get traction from our PMs of calendar integration as well as our Open API team to make sure that we have a programmatic way to change this setting on an account.

Hi! Any way to “plus one” this / make some more noise? This majorly breaks my workflows with reclaim and I’d love to get the old behaviour back :slight_smile:

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@MaxM +1 on getting this resolved.

Joint customer with a +1. Would love to bump it anywhere else I can, too.

+1 very frustrating, several times per week

+1 - my team of 10 is being impacted by this issue - we are considering reverting to Google Meet while we wait for this to get fixed.

Hi Zoom Support Team - I am extremely disappointed that the issue, which has affected many end-users and organizations, has not been resolved yet.
We have several iMAC users, around 10 to 20, who are experiencing bi-directional sync issues. As a result, their recurring meetings are not being updated correctly on the Zoom App.