Zoom API and Google Calendar API integration


Im trying to integrate Zoom and Google Calendar (through APIs)

What i need is: when schedule a meeting in Zoom, this meeting be reflected as an event in Google Calendar. I enabled all permissions i saw about that integration, and works fine via Zoom Web Portal (with SSO).

But when i try it using the Zoom Meetings API, does not work well, even passing the calendar_type: 2 that represents google calendar (according what the doc says).

The meeting is scheduled in zoom, but no event are reflected in google calendar.

Could someone help me with it?


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Hey! I am also having a similar issue. Did you find a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

I’m also facing similar issue using Zoom API. The scheduled meetings aren’t visible in google calendar when created using API. Is there any workaround for this?

Hi @sherin.josephin
Thanks for reaching out to us! I am happy to help!
could you please share with me the workflow you are using so I can try to replicate this on my end and propose a workaround?

Hi @elisa.zoom
I had created the Zoom app in the marketplace with server-to-server OAuth as a admin. I have also setup calendar integration and bi-directional sync with Google Calendar with a user gmail account I used to login to Zoom.

When I tried creating meeting from Zoom web portal, I can see the meeting invite in my integrated google calendar.

But when I tried to create an event using the Zoom API - https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/useremail/meetings I can see the event in Zoom meetings tab, but the same is not visible in my integrated Google calendar. Please advise.
Note: The used Zoom account is not a paid account.

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Thanks for sharing more details @sherin.josephin
Let me do some testing on my end and will get back to you

i literally typed this into google and found this thread. We’re rolling out zoom phone and would like to hit zoom and google calendar for a tool in the future.

Hi @jmcnamara
Thanks for reaching out. I am currently looking into this, since I am able to replicate @sherin.josephin behavior

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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to update you on this, I created an internal ticket for our Engineering team
(ZSEE-106484 internal number for reference)
I will update you all as soon as I hear back from the team.

Thanks @elisa.zoom Let us know once you have any updates.

Hi @sherin.josephin
Thanks for your patience here.
I am currently looking into this and it looks like this is the expected behavior.

The pre_schedule field is meant for when someone creates an event with the GSuite app before officially saving it to their calendar. I do not believe that we support this anymore, so I will make sure to keep looking into this and fix our Docs

Hi @elisa.zoom

My understanding is that when I create an event from the Zoom API using a Gmail account, the event will not be visible in Google Calendar. So I can consider this as existing behaviour, and there will be no workaround for it. Thanks for looking into this. Let me know in case there is any update.

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@elisa.zoom is there an update on this?