Zoom List Meeting is not able return start_time or occurrence object for "type" : 3

Hi I created meeting on Google Calendars using Zoom as add on option and the meeting details I get from this is mentioned below:


[uuid] => yaHBf+HWQqqH5VFk/2BDew==

[id] => 76126138837

[host_id] => KPlQPkg3TP6Jc_TRbivleQ

[topic] => zoom recurring meeting

[type] => 3

[duration] => 60

[timezone] => America/Los_Angeles

[created_at] => 2023-01-05T12:58:57Z

[join_url] => https://us04web.zoom.us/j/76126138837?pwd=39fVuXOHWFDf5Ylp58RquTwT5ZgIer.1


But in the response there is no recurrence object or start_time or end_time
but on the Google Calendar the meeting is created for Daily with no end time . Can u please guide how to fetch these meetings from zoom meeting with their occurrence meeting and occurrence_id

@farheen Hope you will be fine. Yes with type three you can only get meeting details without a recurrence object b/c its recurrence only be created with type:8 fixed time

mentioned here

@freelancer.nak thanks for replying.

Then is there way to show meeting type 3 recurring meeting on our calendar ? Or we cannot fetch this with api ?

or can we start_time and end_time for type 3 meeting ?

@farheen Yes you can get type:3 meeting instance details (start_time & end_time) by using meeting.uuid.

And you will get past meeting instances by requesting endpoint → /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances.

ok thanks alot @freelancer.nak will check on this and update here.

@farheen Sure. Welcome & Thanks

@freelancer.nak still not able to get the meeting instance details with meeting.uuid



[uuid] => lg110TqIRQm06IUHLffzXQ==

[id] => 71244896278

[host_id] => KPlQPkg3TP6Jc_TRbivleQ

[host_email] => farheen0702@gmail.com

[assistant_id] =>

[topic] => zoom jan 6

[type] => 3

[status] => waiting

[timezone] => America/Los_Angeles

[agenda] =>

[created_at] => 2023-01-05T14:10:50Z

[start_url] =>


[join_url] => https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71244896278?pwd=39mGPHAObk4TKaROIZwBmj9xVQQX6w.1

[password] => 7hBh9J

[h323_password] => 957425

[pstn_password] => 957425

[encrypted_password] => 39mGPHAObk4TKaROIZwBmj9xVQQX6w.1

[settings] => Array


[host_video] =>

[participant_video] =>

[cn_meeting] =>

[in_meeting] =>

[join_before_host] =>

[jbh_time] => 0

[mute_upon_entry] =>

[watermark] =>

[use_pmi] =>

[approval_type] => 2

[audio] => voip

[auto_recording] => none

[enforce_login] =>

[enforce_login_domains] =>

[alternative_hosts] =>

[alternative_host_update_polls] =>

[close_registration] =>

[show_share_button] =>

[allow_multiple_devices] =>

[registrants_confirmation_email] => 1

[waiting_room] => 1

[request_permission_to_unmute_participants] =>

[registrants_email_notification] => 1

[meeting_authentication] =>

[encryption_type] => enhanced_encryption

[approved_or_denied_countries_or_regions] => Array


[enable] =>


[breakout_room] => Array


[enable] =>


[alternative_hosts_email_notification] => 1

[device_testing] =>

[focus_mode] =>

[enable_dedicated_group_chat] =>

[private_meeting] =>

[calendar_type] => 2

[email_notification] => 1

[host_save_video_order] =>


[pre_schedule] =>


start_time , end_time is not there in the response here.

@farheen Are you requesting :point_down:

yes @freelancer.nak is there any other solution for this?

Getting response as empty

array(1) {
  array(0) {}

Can u please also confirm if this will work only for past meetings ?
I am looking for details for type 3 meetings which we create on Google calendar using Zoom as add on .

@farheen Here are screenshots of working type:3 instances,details and Participants

Past Meeting Instances :point_down:

Past Meeting Details (start_time & end_time) :point_down:

Past Meeting Participants :point_down:

If still any thing not clear. Please ask. Thanks

Are you double encoding uuid before requesting?

Yes, you can also bind webhooks to get all participants join and leave time. Also meeting.started and ended to get the start and end time.


thanks alot for the illustration and screenshots
Can u please confirm if you are using zoom premium account or normal?

@farheen Welcome & Thanks.

I am using Pro.

@freelancer.nak oh okay i think that’s the reason you are able to get the response here. because for me the response is empty for all these request.


Are you creating that meeting using API or from https://zoom.us/meeting?

If from API can you please share the payload which you are using when creating the meeting of type:3? Thanks

@freelancer.nak the meeting I am not creating using api , I created the meeting on Google Calendar using Zoom from marketplace which comes as type 3 when i fetch the meeting details as mention on the first message.