Making direct calls to contacts

The Zoom desktop app has a feature where you can view your contacts and there’s an option to “Meet with Video”. As far as I can tell, this feature starts your personal meeting room and then sends a notification to your contact that allows them to join the meeting via a popup dialog in the Zoom app.

I want to replicate this feature in a custom Android app. The Zoom SDK for Android does not allow you to browse your contacts. I can solve this by using the REST API to get and display the contacts. Once a user chooses a contact, I can launch the user’s personal meeting room. The only missing piece is how to notify the chosen contact that they are being called and should join the meeting room. I was hoping to also use the REST API for this. I found this post from a couple years ago:

The solution says there are no APIs to make this happen. I was wondering if anything has changed and if such an API is either available now or is coming soon?

I could fall back to sending a chat message with a link to the meeting, but I like the way the desktop app pops this right up on your screen with accept and decline buttons.

Hi @vuzix_greg ,

Great suggestion and this could help meet your needs best given there have been no updates on Zoom’s end re: this type of implementation. If you’d like to see this supported in future versions, please consider submitting a #feature-requests.

Thank you,

Thanks @gianni.zoom, I just submitted a feature request.

Hey @vuzix_greg,

Thank you for submitting a feature request! Our engineering team will review it and consider implementing it.


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