Malfunction on Android sample APP using zoom in/out

We have found malfunction on Android sample APP using zoom in/out feature.

When we use share screen on ZOOM sample APP, participants cannot zoom in/out.

It is working well at Host and iOS APP. Also working fine at commercial Android ZOOM APP.

Please check if it is an error or we tested wrongly.

Device : All Android device

Android SDK version :

Hi @alex.seo, thanks for the post.

I have not been able to reproduce the behavior you are describing after a few attempts in various scenarios. The SDK and client are both able to pinch to zoom in, regardless of who is host and who is sharing. Can you please provide a video of the behavior you are seeing so that we may investigate?


When we configure ON it is not working at Custom UI configuration. It works well with OFF.
Please see below captured video.

We basically use ZOOM demo SDK setting Custom UI and mostly refer codes at ‘ON’ configuration.
It would be wonderful if you can guide us which part of code we can modify at this configuration.

Also previous my question in DevForum could be related I guess
( Malfunction of audio sharing feature on Zoom Android SDK (V5.4.3.603))

Hi @alex.seo,

Thanks for providing the video and clarifying on the custom UI part. I do not believe that the pinch to zoom behavior is supposed to work with the video view by default, which is why it only works within the default Zoom UI.


Hi Jon.

You mean pinch zoom function only work with default ZOOM UI, not working with Custom UI ON?


Hi @alex.seo,

Correct. The video view in the custom UI is only meant to render video, so something like pinch to zoom would need to be implemented in your custom UI.


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