Mapping meeting/webinar configuration from UI to API

we are utilizing Zoom API to create meeting/webinar and trying to map the settings/configuration shown in the Zoom portal/UI…is there any documentation that helps with this?.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
user OAuth

Which Endpoint/s?
POST /users/{userId}/meetings
POST /users/{userId}/webinars

Hey @sabraha5,

Can you clarify your question and specifically what you are trying to do?


hey @tommy…so in our Zoom portal, when creating a meeting the following is exposed via the UI (see below)…and so trying to see if the settings sent in API is easily available somewhere?


  • Topic
  • Description
  • When
  • Duration
  • Timezone
  • Registration: Required
  • Meeting ID: {generated automatically}
  • Security: Passcode and Waiting Room
  • Video: Host and Participant
  • Audio: Both
  • Dial In from:
  • Meeting Options:
    • Enable join before host
    • Mute participants upon entry
    • Only authenticated users can join
    • Record the meeting automatically in the cloud
    • Enable language interpretation
  • Registration Options:
    • Automatically Approved
    • Questions
    • Custom Questions
    • Send an email to host
    • Close registration after meeting date
    • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices
    • Show social share buttons on registration page
  • Email Settings:
    • Send Confirmation Email to Registrants

Hey @sabraha5,

Yes this is possible except for these settings at the moment:

We are in the process of opening up the above missing settings to the API. Stay updated here:

For the rest of the settings, you will need to use two endpoints:


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