Marketplace app for displaying user's statistics

Hello! My clients have a website with users who authenticate via oAuth and we would like to show the statistics/info of this user to himself when he makes a call via the Zoom Desktop Client.

I looked for examples and it looks like the app that I found and installed through the marketplace does something similar: when I make a call I can open this app in the right pane and do some notes. App Marketplace.

what type of application do I need to create for this? I’m guessing that oAuth but not sure. Could you give me a little more details, please?

Additional details
The users of website are people who are not connected with each other, so I assume that they will need to install this application separately, since they have different zoom accounts.

Hi @Rajab,

The type of app you’re describing is a Zoom App. These apps allow you to build an in-meeting experience shown in the right hand pane. However, these have not been released quite yet for general developer availability. We expect to have more details on availability of these app types soon!


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