Marketplace Apps - Unable to create event subscriptions

I am attempting to set up event subscriptions for my company’s JWT app - but upon saving the event subscription, the following error displays: “An error was encountered when processing your request.”

The same thing happens regardless of the Callback URL used, and what events are selected.

Using PostBin and Chrome DevTools, I can confirm that no data is sent to the Callback URL.

I also replicated the same issue using a personal Zoom account.

Lastly, even though the error occurs, when I refresh the page (containing the event subscriptions), all of the failed subscriptions are shown. Regardless, my Callback URL doesn’t show any event information.

An error was encountered when processing your request.

Which App Type
JWT, Webhook only, and possibly others.

Which Endpoint/s?
The is called after clicking “Save” event subscription. No other network calls are seen via DevTools.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a JWT or Webhook app for your account.
  2. Turn on and add a new event subscription.
  3. Fill in the required info (Event listeners, Callback URL, etc).
  4. Click save.
  5. Refresh the page to see your failed subscriptions.
  6. Confirm no Callbacks are posted when your events are triggered.

Additional Context
The same process for creating event subscriptions was working as expected yesterday (6/3/2020).

Please let me know if you’d like any more information, thanks!

Hey @michaelo,

Are you still seeing this issue? I am unable to reproduce.

Can you share a screenshot of the page with the error? Also please share the event subscription url you are trying to set.


Hi Tommy,

The issue persisted though the end of last week, but was resolved when we tried again on Monday (6/8) with no action taken on our end. I will leave a reply here with the information you requested if the problem comes up again.

Thank you,


Thanks @michaelo, we’re currently trying to identify the cause of this error, as we’re not independently able to reproduce it.

Internal use: ZOOM-169276