All event webhooks used by JWT app will not be triggered

We are currently using API through JWT app.
Since August last year, web hook events have not been sent to endpoints. It is not currently visible on the endpoint nor on the Web Hook log record in the Zoom Marketplace.
So far, actions have been taken to disable/activate apps, reset Event Subscriptions, and change endpoint return values, but they have not been corrected yet.
Is there a solution?

I would like to see how we can solve the problem or related documents.

Web Hook Not Triggered

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT account-level access

Which Endpoint/s?
My EventListner Page

Hi @contentsportal ,

Thanks for reaching out—happy to help.

As a first step, can you confirm that you’ve successfully designated the events you wish to subscribe to, and included an endpoint to receive payloads at?:

If so, can you double check that your endpoint is publicly accessible and returns a 200OK response in receipt of Zoom payloads? If it does not, our webhooks can silently fail.

Let me know—thanks!

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