Marketplace submission - failed because of Oauth Requirements?

My Chatbot app has been rejected for the following reason:
All apps on the App Marketplace must use the OAuth authorization framework to access user data. Your current test plan and user documentation describes a setup where the user manually configures a private app, which is not acceptable. Please update your test plan and user documentation to include OAuth authorization.

I requested some clarification some weeks ago but I haven’t had a response.

I am confused because I have supplied a redirect for OAuth, and this endpoint does require the user to sign in to our platform… in this respect, surely it is satisfying an OAuth flow?

Could someone please answer my questions or direct me to the appropriate documentation to describe how to implement the required OAuth integration?
The app name is OpenBlend.

If possible I would appreciate input from @elisa.zoom - apologies for the direct request but I’ve been waiting a long time for a response.


Hello @conor.mccarthy If you can re-submit and provide a detailed test plan that explains the Oauth authorization it will be looked at again.

Regards, Kwaku