Submiting a chatbot app for marketplace review


We wish to submit a chatbot app for marketplace review but are experiencing a problem when it comes to the section about Test account and credentials in the app submission form.

The Zoom integration is being specifically developed for enterprises that use Zoom Chat as their main channel for internal communication, and aims to let existing subscribers of our chatbot platform (SaaS) connect their employees to the chatbot through Zoom Chat. The form provided lets us add login page URL, username and password for a dev/test environment, however in order to share access to our platform we would preferably need a mutual NDA with Zoom.

Do you have a process in place for cases like this or any other suggestions that could help us progress?

Hey @jbl ,

In order for your Chatbot to be published to the marketplace, we need to be able to test the functionality for usability and security. If you cannot give us the ability to test your Chatbot without an NDA, please submit your app without the username and password for your dev env, and work with the App Reviewers to get everything signed off so they can test your app.


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